Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tamama again: too many fizzy drinks

Well, yesterday I blogged a cute Youtube video of Tamama passing some, ahem, gas. He actually blames all the fizzy drinks and colas he drinks in Momochi's house for his uncontrollable "flatulence".

The 1st time he appeared in a Keroro Gunsou episode was quite funny actually. Of course he could not avoid farting (and obviously embarrassing and infuriating Momochi!).

Here it is, with subtitles. Priceless...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tamama up to his tricks...

Oy, no comments here, but I think it's hilarious...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Being crabby, part 3

I am back and crabby again (but is that really something to be boasting about???). Anyway, I've been feeling quite tired as of late, and a bit anxious about my trip to Rio, since my passports are not ready yet. But I prefer not to talk about it - this way, I will not feel even MORE anxious.

This time, I will have Lenore instead of Lucy Van Pelt to portray my own "crabbiness". Lenore is the "cute little dead girl", and sometimes she gets crabby alright, in spite of being a nice little sould (ahem, most of the time).

Like me - even if not literally a "soul", of course.

Mkay, then... Here are some more little things that crabbify me:
  • Tyra Banks - especially when she turns any little event into a part of her own life and basically transforms America's Next Top Model in her autobiography. You know, we want to see the girls being bitchy, the catfights and so on... But not to hear TB going on about how great she thinks she is. Oh, and there's also those theatrical silly faces she makes. And the chicken legs. And...
  • December issues of most magazines - with those silly Gift Ideas guides. Seriously: have you ever bought anything based on those guides? Me neither.
  • People who spell "concealor" instead of "concealer".
  • People who spell "definately" or - even worse - "definatly", instead of "definitely".
  • People who spell "diSSapointment" instead of "disappointment".
  • Girls who insist in matching the colour of their outfit to their eyeshadow. Like: orange top, of course an orange eyeshadow. Green top? You guessed! Green eyeshadow! And so on... Haven't they ever heard of neutrals, ie, khaki, taupe, black, brown, grey, gold, silver? Or colour combinations? Green with browns, browns with reds, blues with grays, lavenders with pale greens etc etc?
  • My passports not being ready.