Friday, September 28, 2007

Being crabby, part 1...

Yes, time to vent a bit... Some things that make me crabby, real crabby:
  • People that refer to themselves in the 3rd person - that seems to be a bit of a fad among some bloggers these days. It really drives me nuts.
  • TV ads for car insurance, especially women's car insurance, eg, Diamond and Sheila's Wheels. I will not even link to them here because they seriously make me ill and do not deserve a single click. Ditto.
  • Being in a queue and having someone invading my personal space from behind, like almost leaning on me to the point where I can feel their breath on my neck. Even worse when you don't have where to escape.
  • Women with baby trolleys on a rampage. Just because they have babies they think they not only rule the world but also can run over you. Who cares about your legs? It's a mum with a baby, and in a hurry! I know it sounds mean - people get over-sensitive when you complain about mothers-with-babies - but let's face it: it can be extremely annoying.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tonight's Last Quiz: Keroro Gunsou Character??

He! I love this one because it is one of my fave manga!
Which Keroro Gunsou character are you?

Which Sgt. Frog character are you?

Hinata Natsumi!
You care a lot about your family, but can hate someone in particular, even if they haven't done anything bad.
Take this quiz!

Which Haruhi Suzumiya Character Are You?

Saturday night, time for Anime quizz (again, ha ha). This time from super-cool Haruhi Suzumiya series! So, I am (or seem to be)...

Quiz Result Provided By:

What Suzumiya Character Are You?

Hosted by Anime. Done right.

It says - in case you cannot read it:

"You are Mikuru Asahina.
You are a shy and caring person, but sometimes weird."

Oh well, I can be a bit like Mikuru alright, but mostly because I squeak a lot. Well, yeah, maybe I am weird.

By the way, Mark me brought a Haruhi doll from Oslo! He bought it in a Japanese shop there, Neo Tokyo! Actually he likes Haruhi, the anime series. It's quite strange and funny, a bit surreal in fact, and Haruhi is someone with whom lots of people must identify with. I have had lots of Aliens, Espers and Ghost experiences in my teen days - I really "wanted to believe", but that's something for another post maybe (or, to be really sincere, I don't feel like talking about that very much nowadays!).

At any rate, my doll is very nice and cute (most used word in this blog probably!) and already in my display cabinet along with Chi, Keroro, Tamama and others:

Friday, September 21, 2007

Which Inuyasha Character Are You?

If you're fan of Inu Yasha, this quiz is very cool! Here's my results (funny, I more or less expected that):

Quiz Result Provided By:

What Inuyasha Character Are You?

Hosted by Anime. Done right.

Er... It's impossible to read what it says, but here it is:

"You are Sango. You are introverted, organized, intelligent and determined.
You have a great potential to do almost everything you want.
Your only weakness is your emotions, which can sometimes get the best of you.
Learn to express yourself properly, and you will overcome this."

Rabbit X Ice Cone

Example of a very cool design. Also VERY cute...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vivara by Emilio Pucci

What really made me buy this scent was my memory of the original Vivara in the 60's, which my Mother used to wear and whose box and bottle I loved. I still remember how beautiful those flacons used to be - much nicer than the ones nowadays - and a real treasure for any curious little brat (as I used to be, easily amused - and enchanted).

Alas, I cannot quite remember the smell though. I try and try, but I cannot.

A soft Chypre, it is described as, and also as a lighter version of the original, a more modern approach to that concept.

I was absolutely attracted to the lovely flacon, which reminds me of some retro Murano paperweights - another cherished childhood memory. As one can see, I had some really subjective reasons to buy it, and I don't regret it. Not one bit.

This will certainly be one of those memorable scents (for me at least) of 2007. It is fresh, elegant, subtle, and sometimes I can smell some green pears and limes mixed to narcissus, orange blossom and jasmine in the heart notes. The bergamot in the head also reminds me of beautiful Amalfi, one of my favourite places in this world. A sudden whiff of Southern Italy, warm sunsets and deep teal seas.

As for the base notes, I can smell some very familiar accords, something that I really have smelled before, a long time ago, perhaps the remains of the original Vivara: rounded patchouli, a hint of silvery iris (or maybe violet, hard to tell) and a tamed and feminine vétiver note, lingering and striving to live forever.

It sometimes brings me to mind the lovely sweetness of the citrussy notes in Hierbas de Ibiza, and some almost Penhaligon-ish freshness also seems to try and make an appearance - but then again, I think it's only my mind playing tricks. Maybe. Maybe not! Smell of good things that I try to locate somewhere, and some time ago.

Vivara is a happy yet restrained little gem, a green fragrance that is sure to bring you many happy moments and fragrant memories.

To be cherished...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oink oink or woof woof?

Yes: doggy or piggy? You decide... But he is such an adorable little fella, no? Of course it's a dog, but somehow he looks like a cute little piggy too. I wish I had one...
(Where did I get him? Daily Puppy of course!)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Current objects of desire (scents)

Inspired by a trip into town today, I have compiled a little wish list of my current mainstream fragrances. I say "mainstream" because I normally don't go for department store or duty free stuff. I prefer creations from the more "obscure" houses, such as L'Artisan Parfumeur, Serge Lutens, Ormonde Jayne, Editions de Parfums, The Different Company and so on. They smell different, unique most of the times. Some would call that "niche" but, for some reason, I hate that term - it sounds snobbish and unnecessarily elitist. I would rather call it fragrances from "less popular" houses. Seriously. After all, it's not like they are hidden somewhere from the noses of the non-initiated souls or something wacky like that. They have been there for some time, and are not a well-kept Masonic secret nor a mysterious Harry Potterish formula, right? That's how I see it and why I dislike the "niche" term.

Well, then here is my list of those mainstream gems:

- Estée Lauder "Pleasures Delight";
- Dior "Midnight Poison";
- Marc Jacobs' "Daisy";
- Sarah Jessica Parker "Lovely";
- Fresh "Cannabis Santal";
- Kenzo's "Tokyo".

I tried most of them and really liked it. I haven't tried "Tokyo" though, but for me it's a hit always. I mean, Kenzo is a sure hit (no miss!). Always. And the concept of "Tokyo" surely attracts me lots: because I favour "men's" scents (note I don't believe fragrance has something like a gender, really, that's why I wear them all - men and women alike), and because I love Japan. That's why wearing Kenzo's idea of how Tokyo smells like seems like a must to me.