Saturday, September 22, 2007

Which Haruhi Suzumiya Character Are You?

Saturday night, time for Anime quizz (again, ha ha). This time from super-cool Haruhi Suzumiya series! So, I am (or seem to be)...

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What Suzumiya Character Are You?

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It says - in case you cannot read it:

"You are Mikuru Asahina.
You are a shy and caring person, but sometimes weird."

Oh well, I can be a bit like Mikuru alright, but mostly because I squeak a lot. Well, yeah, maybe I am weird.

By the way, Mark me brought a Haruhi doll from Oslo! He bought it in a Japanese shop there, Neo Tokyo! Actually he likes Haruhi, the anime series. It's quite strange and funny, a bit surreal in fact, and Haruhi is someone with whom lots of people must identify with. I have had lots of Aliens, Espers and Ghost experiences in my teen days - I really "wanted to believe", but that's something for another post maybe (or, to be really sincere, I don't feel like talking about that very much nowadays!).

At any rate, my doll is very nice and cute (most used word in this blog probably!) and already in my display cabinet along with Chi, Keroro, Tamama and others:

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