Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My Studio Ghibli New Toys!

These are the super-kawaii Ghibli dolls that Mark gave to me for Christmas. From left to right: Totoro, BuroBuro (both from "My Neighbour Totoro") and the adorable Jiji (from "Kiki's Delivery Service"). I did no remove the tags, because even the tags are cute! He got them in Tokyo last month and was hiding it so he could give it to me at Christmas. I am always so "away with the fairies" that never noticed anything, of course!

(Jiji must be one of my favourite characters. He is sensible, wise, cute. I love those huge eyes and huge, rabbit ears! Aaawwww...)


  1. It's official, I hate you! ;)

    They are very cute and would like some myself. Did you see the sketches on my blog yet?? i think there are two in particular you might like.

  2. Yay! It's way too cute! But you should see the manekineko I got today! I will take a picture and publish it tomorrow or the day after! And will let you know!