Friday, March 14, 2008

I am back, finally (and hopefully!)

Terrible, I am terrible. I know... Such a lazy lady... Well, more than 2 months without blogging. Christmas, New Year, Birthday - all these events came and went, and I was here. Either reading manga or reminiscing about our trip to Rio (where I stayed 2 months, by the way).

Then, why am I writing today, of all days? Simply because I have decided to get into the blogging activity again, as simple as that, and because I got something really cool on eBay! It is silly, I know, and people would just think why am I so bloody childish and so on... Especially now, since I just turned 45, so I should know more and be a real adult - once and for all, right? Well, not quite.

Still in love with Keroro, I scored this:

This is a miniature of the Hinata house kitchen, with Kero-chan performing all his daily duties (except vaccum-claning that is) and Tama-chan waiting for some snacks! Comes with saucepans, cleaning products, furniture, cutlery etc! Waaaaaahhhh, so cute! Just look at this detailed pic here:

He looks so proud, no? Showing all his cleaning gear, ah...

How could I not fall in love??? Next will be the miniature of his room (Chibic My Room), and also the Gourmet + Hobby set, which includes delicacies from Keron planet:

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  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Vc tem razão é muito fofo! Bjkz!