Friday, August 22, 2008

My New Phone

On a whim, I have decided to get an upgrade for my phone. I was tired of my old Samsung, with a very crummy user interface and awful ringtones - and limited capabilities.

Went back to Sony-Ericsson and managed to get a W580i in Pink!

And it's a walkman too, which is more than welcome for me. I use it a lot in the gym, since I hate the songs they play there anyway. Mark even got a 8GB memory stick in Oslo for me, which makes it even better.

What I love about it is how easy it is to send and receive emails. The sound is also very, very good. I even downloaded the "One Missed Call" ringtone (Japanese version of course), and have Ai Enma (Jigoku Shoujo) waking me up every morning!

It's got some cool light effects too, as you can see on the pictures below. If the screensaver is purple, so will be the lights on the side and so on... VERY pretty!

And my current strap/netsuke is that super-kawaii Robot Kitty. Mark thinks it's a bit creepy though...


  1. sophiee2:12 PM

    nicee fonee i got a samsung and its realllii rubbish im going 2 get thet wun cos its sooo kool i wus gnna get w910i but mum sais thats tuuuuu expensive..but its not yehh w910i for me it is!!

  2. kelsii5:24 PM

    yeh i used 2 ave a samsung to j700 its broken now thanks 2 my brova but im gnna get a w580i!! :D


    ps. sophie yur ritting so dusnt make sence i fort u was gnna get w580i not w910i ??

  3. Hi Kelsii and Sophie: this is really a great phone. There's probably some new models up there already, but this one is fab, mostly because of the walkman, which is just amazing. And it looks really pretty!