Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Latest Manga Reading

Last night I read the 7th and last volume of Tokyo Babylon, by Clamp. I have followed this series for almost one year and was really loving it. It follows the story of Seishiro-san and Subaru-kun, two onmiyoji (mediums) whose lives have been misteriously linked some years before, under the cherry trees. Subaru-kun has a lovely twin sister, Hokuto-chan, who has no psychic, paranormal abilities, but lots of common sense. A really "down-to-earth" girl.

The series were fun, with lots of amusing situations and sweet, loving moments. Artwork is just fantastic, as it always happens with Clamp, the characters looking gorgeous, with their wide-eyes, wonderful hair, impeccable costumes, and always inside the most exquisite scenarios.

However, the closing was perhaps a bit disappointing. And disturbing, I should add. I so much wanted a happy ending! And those guys deserved it (or seemed to, at least). And it's not what you get, unfortunately. It is tragic, to say the least. But at the same time it is great to see how Subaru changes, and turns into a man so suddenly. He becomes stronger, harder, taller, and even prettier. Well, he also starts smoking, which is not a good thing by all means, but somehow shows how his life is turned upside down by all the events. Tokyo Babylon is a beautiful and short story, but also makes you feel at a loss in the end.

I am not sure, but it seems it is a bit of an introduction to Clamp's X/1999, with pretty much the same kind of characters and more of a dark, violent plot. I should re-read X and see if either Subaru or Seishiro reappear...

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