Sunday, February 12, 2006

The 4 Faves (or the "Bag Tag" Poll!)

Inspired by the post by fellow blogger Treebob, I have decided to make the list of my 4 Favourites as well. I put the original Treebob's categories in pink headers, but also added some extras (these are in blue!). Could not resist!

This was fun and I am crazy for compiling lists! So, here we go then...

4 Things for Andrea

4 jobs I've had in my life
- Worked as a freelancer designer after I graduated;
- Pan American World Airways for 2 years;
- American Express for 9.5 years;
- SITA INC (formerly Eland Technologies) for 6 years (current).

4 movies I can watch over and over
- "Central do Brasil";
- "Schindler's List";
- "Princess Mononoke";
- "Spirited Away".

4 places I've lived
- Rio de Janeiro and...
- Dublin (only these!)

4 shows I love (or loved) to watch
- "Desperate Housewives";
- "Shin-chan";
- "Frasier";
- "Dead Like Me".

4 places I've been on vacations
- Paris;
- Madrid;
- Lisbon;
- London.

4 of my favourite dishes
- Mark's home-cooked chicken breast;
- La Strada's medium-well fillet steak;
- Chicken tikka masala;
- Any coffee-flavoured desserts!

4 websites I visit daily
- Ebay;
- Amazon UK;
- Play;
- Web Japan.

4 places I would tather be right now
- Shopping with Mark in Grafton Street;
- My Mom's house in Rio;
- Touring in Tokyo;
- Browsing Forbidden Planet.

4 bloggers I'm tagging
- Mark;
- Treebob;
- Koneko;
- Cute Overload.

4 composers/groups I am listening to these days
- Joe Hisaishi;
- Susumu Hirasawa;
- DAI (Do As Infinity);
- Keane.

4 authors I revere
- Haruki Murakami;
- Amos Oz;
- J.R.R. Tolkien;
- Isaac B. Singer.
4 favourite manga
- "Ranma 1/2";
- "Inu-Yasha";
- "Love Hina";
- "Chobits".

4 lovely fragrances I wear these days
- Guerlain's Vétiver;
- Frédéric Malle's Editions de Parfums Musc Ravageur layered with L'Occitane Ambre;
- Shiseido's Feminité du Bois;
- Kenzo's Flower Oriental.

4 favourite makeup/skincare brands
- Shiseido;
- Shu Uemura;
- Kosé;
- Guerlain.

And you? What would your 4 faves be?


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  1. I can't respond to all of the extra tags but here are the ones that I can:

    4 Composers:
    Joe Hisaishi
    Kou(h) Otani
    John Williams
    Yuji Nomi

    4 Authors
    Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman
    Robert Jordan
    Anne McCaffrey
    Douglas Adams

    Don't read manga and not really into fragrances or makeup! ;)