Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Arrivederci Amalfi...

Aaaw! This is our last day in Amalfi, unfortunately. No more time for a boat trip, but I want to stay and relax. Sitting at the Il Protontino café and having gelatti and caprese salads... And having a laugh with Patrizia, the best waitress in the world!

I am so relaxed that I could even play Pokémon Link without getting bored. I mean, it is a great game, but lately I was not in a mood for Nintendo games. But this time... Just relaxed, and I managed to do great and link lots of Pokémon, as well as getting lots of extra prizes.

But this is just a quick post, for I will only be able to post tomorrow or the day after, when I arrive to Ireland.

I want to come back here, and stay for 2 weeks or so. I love this place, and people are just amazing. This is my second visit to Italy. First time was in 1989 and I stayed in the North, near Parma, in Busseto where Verdi was born. It was amazing too. And I feel glad that it is close to Ireland and I can come back at any time!

Ciao, Amalfi! Arrivederci! I will miss you,



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