Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sick in Amalfi!

Yes, as usual, I got sick. Headcold, as expected. I had a bad cough attack at the Wedding yesterday, and today I stayed in bed for most of the day. But then I woke up and went with Mark to join Audrey, David and everybody at a lovely pizzeria on the beach. It was fun. I had a Limoncello after the meal, and it was just great, my first Limoncello in Amalfi! We have only 4 days left here, but I sure want to come back, when I get healthier, and not as wrecked as I have been feeling lately.

The wedding was lovely, the little church/chapel is in an old convent dating back to the XIIth century, the church of St. Anthony. As for the convent it seems that St. Francis of Assissi himself has founded it, when he came to Amalfi in pilgrimage to visit S. Andrea's tomb, here in the cathedral. Nowadays it's been converted into a Hotel, the Luna.

S. Andrea (St. Andrew) is the patron saint of Amalfi and it seems that most guys here are called "Andrea", which is a man's name alright. I am an odd exception, and when the locals learn my name, they always say: "Like the Saint!"... Mark says I must get a bit confused when I hear someone yelling "Andrea", for that happens quite often here. But I don't get confused though, of course! And you know something, I think I am in the right place and should maybe pay a visit to S. Andrea's tomb. In the end, he is my protector, it seems, and somehow I feel quite connected to this town, since I got here.

By the way, the photograph above was taken by Mark when he was wandering around yesterday. This town is like a maze, full of covered alleyways and stairs all over the ground and the hills. This photograph was taken from one of those alleys. I think it captures well the atmosphere of the place.

And the one below we took yesterday, from the "Torre Sarracena" facing the convent, at sunset. The wedding banquet took place there, and it was a fantastic spot, very romantic with such a wonderful view... It's a town where you just want to relax and enjoy the views. You become completely unable to make any plans, such is the beauty the place, amazing!

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  1. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Hi Andrea,
    sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, but I'm glad that other than that you are having a nice time. It looks lovely there, you are making me jealous! Paula