Friday, September 15, 2006

YSL Signes d'Orient Palette

I bought the new Yves Saint-Laurent palette Signes d'Orient last weekend, while in the House of Fraser.

I would give it a 8/10 rating.

It can be used on both eyes and face and it's composed of 3 colours: 2 lighter shades (baby pink and light beige with shimmers) and a lovely neutral brown, also a bit sparkly (golden flecks).

I don't think the brown could be used on the face as a blusher - but then again, maybe a darker complexion could do it - but it works beautifully as a contouring ayeshadow on the lashline and crease. It is very pigmented, that's why I think it would not work as a blusher, since it may look "streaky" on the face.

The lighter shades are great as both face highlighters and eyeshadow, providing a good base for darker shades and giving a nice glow when set over the brow bone. It is a great palette for everyday use, since it's neutral and subtle, very understated, easy to apply. I love it. Also, the embossed Chinese design on the pan is a must, however you feel a bit sad when you use it for the 1st time and realise it's not going to be there forever!

There are two things I don't like about it though:

- The golden shiny case with the YSL logo in matte gold looks pretty but is a magnet for fingerprints and other stains and marks. I really have this problem with the YSL golden cases and, moreover, they tend to oxidise over time;

- As it commonly happens with multi-task makeup palettes, it comes with a velvet black pouch (again, a magnet for fluff and dust-bunnies) and two applicators, being one for blusher (a small brush) and the other for eyeshadow (a double ended sponge applicator). These are useless. The brush is kinda cute but tiny (maybe it would work better as a shader?) and the spongy thing is flimsy and, again, tiny. Why they do still insist in pushing us those things, I don't know. Except for the Japanese compacts, which come with the best applicators, the compacts in general (European brands) come with these little useless contraptions that add to nothing in the end. I believe nowadays people have real brushes to apply makeup (I do, at least!): a nice fluffy brush for blush and a variety of different brushes for eyeshadow and liner - either from Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown, or whatever! But quality brushes, and not doll-house artifacts!


  1. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Oi Andrea! Adoro essas coisas tb...mas faz uma cara que não compro! Acho que fico olhando durante muito tempo para essa telinha e acabo esquecendo de euzinha :o)

  2. Lovely review. The colors remind me of that tri-flavored ice cream they have in the U.S. (Neapolitan): vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. I used to eat all the chocolate :D Funny about the brushes. I wonder why they don't provide better ones. It's interesting that the last 2 brushes on the Shu Uemura page are only sold at the Omotesando shop. Let me know if you want them ;) For a brush newbie, would you recommend that one start with a kit or slowly accumulate useful brushes?

  3. Oi Mônica!
    Agora que eu estarei de férias por tempo "indefinido", a gente bem podia sair pra fazer umas comprinhas, né?
    Ou pelo menos tomar uns cafés!
    Andei gripada esses dias, daí o sumiço!
    Beijos mis,

  4. Hi Kuri!

    He he! We also had that Neapolitan Ice Cream in Brasil and I was like you: only the chocolate! After I grew up I started to eat everything, of course!
    Why would those fan brushes be sold only at Omotesando? I wonder. Well, I think they are kind of useless, except for watercolours - great for a big wash, really. I used it before, but only for painting...
    My brush recommendation would be: start with a small set that has one nice face brush/blender and eye liner brush too. Bobbi Brown has some good kits and they are kawaii. It's good to invest in a foundation brush too - MAC, Chanel, Stila all make good ones. Then slowly you can start making a collection with your favorites, or more essential ones. I would also recommend an angled eye-shader brush - I think Shu has it, but not sure now!
    Let me know!
    Again, have a super-weekend!

  5. Hee, I only buy chocolate ice cream nowadays :D
    Thanks, I'll take a look!