Friday, January 26, 2007

New manga I'm reading!

Chibi Vampire - read the 3 first books already. It's very cute and a bit weird. It's about Karin, a young girl born in a traditional family of vampires that now live in Japan. The problem is that Karin is a "reverse vampire", ie, instead of sucking human blood, she needs to bite them to donate blood! She has monthly blood cravings that are always signalled by heavy noose bleeds. She gets involved with Usui Kenta, a handsome yet sad school mate who also happens to be her neighbour. The artwork is very nice even if a bit dark - but then again it suits the overall mood of the story. The characters are also very likeable, especially herself and her Dad Henry Marker, who is indeed very funny (and extremely protective of his lovely daughter).

Yubisaki Milk Tea - this is the gender-bender tale of Yoshinori (aka Nori), a boy that works in a photography studio and, ever since has covered for his sister Yuki in a photo shot (bridal gowns none the less!) has started to feel the urge to dress as a woman now and then. Well, he gets involved with some lovely girls, one of them his cute young neighbour Hidori, and sees himself trapped in a bit of an identity crisis. At the same time the pains of adulthood start to breed: voice changes, growing up some inches... For how long is he going to be able to keep that hobby? The story is funny and sweet, however the artwork lacks a bit of detail and mid-tones, which I so much appreciate. In the other hand it is a very fluid and almost minimalist style, which is also OK and quite suitable to this specific storyline.


  1. Sounds fun! I need to check out Milk Tea.

  2. Definitely worth it, Kuri. And @Chibi" is way too cute. Unfortunately I did not bring any manga to Brasil, but mark bought us a box of "Full Metal Alchemist" DVD's in one of our local bookshops. That Will do me for some time!