Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Virtual Manga Library

My favourite manga supplier, JustManga, has now a system that allows you to build a database of all your manga! The books you buy with them are automatically added to the library, whereas those bought from another vendor (Amazon for example) can be added manually.

Not only that, it also provides statistics by genre, values and savings! I think it's so cool, and so handy... Amazon also has something similar, but this is so much easier to use and also is a great tool for keeping track of what you own, how many you are missing, your favourite author. I think it is very clever desu!

And here is my personal library:


My favourite genre seems to be comedy, what else hey, but I also seem to favour some romance! The values though are the scary part, because you can also see how much you have spent so far with that hobby - not the cheapest, I must admit. And even scarier when you think that it does not include regular books, which you also buy. But what the heck, it's great fun in the end!


  1. Wow, you have quite a library! Have you read Skip Beat? I am debating between collecting the English or the Japanese, but leaning towards the English as the Japanese level is a bit difficult for me.

    How do you like Kare Kano? I really liked the beginning but am not sure if I should continue with it. I think I read up to book 12.

  2. I haven't read that yet Kuri! Will check in Justmanga.
    Unfortunately I can only go for the English versions, waaaahhh...
    Kare Kano - starts very well but in the end it gets a bit predictable and starts "dragging" a bit. However, the artwork is impeccable. Must admit it's one of these manga that I decided to follow mostly because it's so stylish. Same goes for "Paradise Kiss", for example!

  3. Do check it out! I love the author - her previous series Tokyo Crazy Paradise is a bit deeper but the art isn't as beautiful as Skip Beat. Some aspects are pretty predictable but I think she does a great job nontheless.

    Yeah, I totally agree about Kare Kano. I guess I'll race through the end sometime; I was disappointed that it got predictable, because it started out so good! I do love the art :)

    Paradise Kiss is sooo stylish. But I didn't really like the implications of the ending of the first volume, so never continued.