Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ah, those lovely Greek products...

I recently found out about Korres, the Greek apothecary, and bought some of their products from Beauty Expert, a website based in the UK. This is what I bought:

- Alpine Herbs Anti-Stress Energiser - a lovely cream, light textured and mildly scented, which is a joy to put on, especially at night. You wake up with baby-smooth skin. Really! It can also be used during the day, under your makeup. Fresh and yummy.

- Rice Proteins & Oligoelements Shampoo - a shampoo for fine, limp hair as mine, always searching for some extra volume and vavavoom.

- Nutmeg Body Milk - since I adore the scent of nutmeg, I decided to get it and it's really very, very moisturising, with that very sweet, spicy and unmistakeably nutmeg-ish fragrance. Smells divine, oh yes...

Well, they sent me some nice samples as well, from both Korres and Phytomer (a quince body butter in a very generous sample of 50ml, and coming in the cutest tube, a day cream, and a little tube of a face mask).

I was indeed quite happy with my purchases, until I found out in the web a pharmacy in Athens that sells most of the Korres line for a third (yep, 1/3) of the price! The Papadopoulos Panagiotis pharmacy. I was in a shock, because it's so much cheaper... OK, let's face it: it's not like it is an "imported" product, right? I mean, we are all in the EU, so, it's Greek alright, but not an import, for heaven's sake! Maybe I am wrong, and I don't know much about those commercial regulations, but still... Why do Beauty Expert charge that much? I am curious to know how much these products cost in the Korres London emporium.

One thing must be said though: expensive as it may be, at least they are fast with the shipping (1-2 days) and quite generous with samples. However, lesson learnt: next time buying Korres, it will be directly from Athens! Nowhere else!


  1. Pooh, I don't think they carry Nutmeg body milk here. I just bought Mint Tea a week ago though, and find it very nice. Thank you for the link! There's about a 70%+ markup on the prices here so that site is a deal!

  2. Kuri, you MUST try their new fig line. Simply amazing... Especially the body butter.
    I found yet another Greek pharmacy that sells it (among other stuff):
    Very good as well! Let me know whatcha think!

  3. Ooh, I was eyeing the fig! It looks lovely. I love the body butter but didn't love any of the 3 scents they carry at Isetan here. Thanks for the other link. As soon as I use up something in my bathroom, I'm going to order some more stuff :)