Friday, February 16, 2007

My gifts!

Well, here's the pic of the lovely gifts Mark gave to me for Valentine's!

The star on the card is actually a pin, the hearts are M&S champagne truffles (all gone by now!), the CD is Queen's A Night at the Opera (it was in my wish list and I am happy he remembered because I've kinda forgotten about it). And the little compact is a cool, new Chanel eye shadow palette, which I haven't used yet since it looks very pretty in the pan and I am hesitating to mess it up!

I gave him a box of Belgian chocs and a card with a cute cow, a Valentine's cow...

M&S is great although I hate their ads: "This is not just food, this is M&S food", aaaarrrghhh... The voice of the woman is just utterly pathetic in its attempt to sound sexy, and, in the end of the day, yes, it IS just food, for crying out loud. Nice food? Indeed. But just food, really! The ads irritate me a bit as you can see, but I still like buying there because it is nearby, and they also have a wider range of everything you need: fruits like yellow plums, avocados, golden kiwis, nice breads, pomegranate juice and gingerbread men.


  1. I hope you've used your lovely new palette :) No hoarding allowed! I'm on a no buy for the rest of the year, as I have already exceeded my budget.

  2. Hi Kuri! How are you? I am in Brasil right now and arrived last Monday! It's great!
    I still haven't used my palette, but I love your motto "no hoarding allowed", he he!
    I should bear that in mind!

  3. Yay! I totally understand the desire to hoard, but you should take lots of pictures and then enjoy it :) It was hard forcing myself to open up all my lip glosses, but at the moment I only have one unopened cheek color :) Everything else I own has been touched.