Monday, October 15, 2007

Being crabby, part 2

More stuff that makes me crabby:
  • All the rave about some interchangeable blonde singers - Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, well... Bitchney Spears, I should add. I really hate those red lips and that silly quiff of the former. As for the Aguilera one, what is that... The latter, heh, what else remains to be said??? Seriously, when I say "interchangeable", some times is hard to distinguish between them, no? Blonde and talentless. Bleah...
  • Well, celebrity scents - by the way all of the above singing blondes have their own now. I would hate to smell like them.
  • User-proof packaging and wrappings - those that require you to use a knife and almost stab yourself in the process. Marks and Spencer's deli stuff is an example. Annoying...
  • Bureaucracy in general - I will not even mention examples here because it makes my blood boil. And this is not healthy.
  • The Olly Girls (is that it?) - a pair of dumb blondes (also interchangeable) in the cable TV here (E Entertainment TV, methinks). I don't even know the exact channels, but they are squeaky and utterly "stoopid" and have annoying voices.
  • Daytime TV with ads for: life insurance, death insurance (eh? Yeah, stuff like "leave more than good memories after you're gone", how morbid is that???), debts and loans, how to sue your employer or anyone else etc etc... They (media moguls, wha'ever!) assume daytime TV is something that only losers and people with one foot in the grave watch. Hey, I am not dying, 'kay? And I am not a loser either. Ha!

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