Wednesday, October 03, 2007

OK then: which Death Note character are you?

I should be embarrassed to post this. Even because I am NOT a psycho! According to Mark's theories, he was expecting me to get this results since, in his understanding, I am basically a "moral" person and believe in punishment for crimes and injustice. Yes, I think I do, OK...

And, if I found a Death Note and read it, I would die to test it. I would not just ignore it, because I am very curious by nature. What can I do? I would probably start a huge conflict inside me: "Should I? Should I not?", and be completely stressed-out and restless for weeks. Then I would get name and face of a really evil criminal, a psychotic serial killer preferably, and make a little test after some time.

Sorry to admit, but that's what I would most certainly do. And I would probably befriend my Shinigami as well. Ryuk at any rate, was a very likeable character... I don't know what would happen afterwards but I certainly would not continue killing anyone else. I would be in a shock - yet again.

Well, yes, I am "him" in this quiz. Here's the results:

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