Tuesday, January 20, 2009

La Sirena 2 necklace...

It seems La Sirena has become a popular necklace. Lots of people really liked it and I had to make a second one for a friend who really wanted it. Unfortunately I could not find the long swirly Murano bead any more, as the one I had in the original. I replaced it by three round ones instead, that just arrived yesterday. Here it is:

Although the theme, colours and colours are the same, there are some differences in the design for both pieces, as you can see here:

The first picture shows the original La Sirena, whereas the second one displays the new version, roughly shown in the same position for comparison. I have put the three round Muranos together, interspersed with Swarovsky Crystal AB bicones and stardust silver-plated spacers. I also added two extra Amazonite beads and seven fluorites to compensate for the lack of the crackled rondelles (I only had eight left).

The rest of the elements is basically the same, except for two new Czech crystal beads between the rondelles and replacing the milky long ones of the original.

Some close-ups...

The 1st picture shows one of the Murano rounds in detail, while the second one shows the toggle clasp in Tibetan silver, always with the spiral pattern to go with the focal Muranos. The third picture has one of the Swarovski Crystal AB bicones I have used this time, as well as my beloved stardust spacers.

On the first picture you can see the new Czech glass beads , the Swarovski bicones in two different shades and sizes, as well as the aqua crackled glass rondelles and more of the silver-plated spacers.

On the middle picture, a detail of the Amazonites in a beautiful deep teal shade and the lovely round fluorites. Again, these are almost clear, with a very subtle and subdued shade of lilac/green, which has been captured well in the pictures today. They are indeed very fragile, and have a soft, irregular surface that is naturally "crackled". It might sound weird, but I think in this visible and tangible fragility all their beauty seems to dwell. I love fluorites! That's why I added another picture of them here!

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