Thursday, July 09, 2009

The new house

We moved last Wednesday. It was very, very stressful. I don't want to go into details, really. The moving company was OK, but not as brilliant as they claim to be, and once the insides (of the old apartment that is!) arrived, it was not like everything turned out to be completely right. Well, most of it was great actually! Minor issues of course, but these can be fixed. If not now, over time.

Kitchen is great, garden is lovely and, overall, the place is bigger than it looks! The negative points? My shower door is broken, the showers themselves (both bathrooms) have to be either fixed or replaced, and we are running out of bookshelves. A wall unit had to be sacrificed (put to recycle) since it would not only fit in the stairs (1st landing being a bit narrow for the curve and so on), but it was mouldy underneath, as a result of a flooding some years ago in our former apartment. Since it was cheap, not great looking and has already served its purpose, we dumped it.

I feel that I am not completely settled yet, and the house is still in the process of becoming "ours". We still have to unpack lots of things and organise it in their places and so on.

Yesterday we have our friends around. Monica discovered some lavender flowers in the front lawn. They smell wonderful! And today, while watering the plants in the back garden, I found a small kiwi tree! Now you may ask yourself how do I know it's a kiwi tree. Well, it has a tag stuck to the trunk with its Latin name and other specs, simple as that.

We took some pictures (actually, lots!), and here's some of them. Please click on the thumbnails to magnify...

Sunset at our back garden...

View from inside the living room...

There is a Buddha in the garden! The former owner gave it to us as a well-wisher! I love it!

Partial view from the play room...


  1. O I just found this post. How charming everything is in your new house!! Your garden looks so lovely and it will be lovelier and lovelier in the future, I bet. Tree ferns?
    Really nice-looking! When your kiwi tree bears fruit, please show us the pictures!! Thank you for sharing all these. I enjoyed being in your garden with you!

  2. Hi Sapphire!
    Thank you for the lovely comment, I hope so!
    Yes, ferns, but I don't even know how to take care of them. It rains, and I also water them, but some are getting dry... :(
    I hope the kiwi will bear fruit some time soon! I will post pictures if something happens!
    Thank you so much for your visit and talk to you soon!