Tuesday, July 07, 2009


This week is a (very) stressful one. We are in the process of moving house, since we just bought one off Navan Road, more convenient for Mark. And it's a house, it's ours finally, and has a pretty garden!

And, since I am currently addicted to the RockYou Pets application in Facebook, I have decorated my pet according to the occasion. My pet by the way, is a female raccoon and is called Ta-chan (from Tanuki = raccoon in Japanese).

Well, here is Ta-chan then, as lost as me, and desperately wanting to go home!!!

As you can see, she is impersonating you-know-who, and ready to be "abducted to Navan Road".

Now it's back to cleaning and organising for me!

See you soon!


1 comment:

  1. How wonderful to hear that you moved into your new house with a pretty garden!! O from now on, you can grow many plants you like!! How nice! You certainly love gardening!

    I didn't know you like tanuki. Ta-chan looks very cute.
    Looking forward to your new posts about your house and garden very much!!