Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My little JList haul...

I have ordered some goodies from my favourite Japanese supplier, JList! They arrived today and I am super-pleased...

Matcha diet Coke... Probably the best diet Coke ever! The subtle matcha (green tea) taste makes it a must-drink for Summer. This diet Coke even tastes less sweet than normal, and much nicer with that refreshing hint of green tea. I only ordered two bottles to try and will have to get some more:

A gift for my Mother... It's a banana holder! She always complained that the bananas she brings to her shop get all mushy and bruised on the way... This is a cool, albeit a bit weird, little gadget for protecting bananas "in motion":

And finally, we got a present for our new house and these oh-so hot Irish Summer days (ha ha...). This is a katori buta, a ceramic pig where you burn mosquito coils inside. You can hang it to a tree or leave it outside in a Summer day and the burning coils (pretty much like incense, that is) will keep the nasty biting bugs at bay. It looks very cute and is a very traditional object:


  1. WOW! I was so much surprised to find a traditional Katori-buta here.
    Yea, we would often use them in summer when I was a child.
    In these 10 years, we use electronic Katori-butas that are less attractive in shapes.

    Then, Matcha-diet-Coke! Thank you, Andrea!! It was the first time to see it!! And I checked it out. WOW, I found the same one which was just released!! But the name is different. It is called Green-tea-flavored diet coke in Japan. I'll taste it as soon as possible!

    As for Banana mamoru-kun( printed so in Japanese), it was the first time to see it too. You are fabulous!!

    Many thanks for sharing all these. I appreciate it a lot!

    Have a nice day!

  2. The banana holder is so great!!! I just need one too!! I hate those 'brown, bruised' bananas...and it was yellow when I put it in my bag...what happened? ;O)

  3. Konnichiwa Sapphire!
    Glad you like the post, thank you!
    Electronic katori butas must be more effective than the old ones, no? But the old ones look great!
    Matcha Coke, you are right. It's called something else. I ordered mine from Japan, but it's already finished, what a pity.
    But they are fantastic. Much better than the normal diet cokes, I must say.
    The mamoru-kun is hilarious, but very handy!
    Thanks a million for your lovely comment and talk to you soon!

  4. Hi Aputsiaq!
    Nice seeing you again!
    Yeah, brown bananas... I use to call them "Tortoise bananas". I had a big tortoise when I was a kind and she only liked bruised bananas! Her name was Genoveva (or "Geneviève", ha ha!)...
    You should try these holders. If you click on the JList in the post you will go to their shop. Just make a search for "banana"! They have wonderful service there.
    Talk to you later then!