Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Positano Blú necklace...

The Positano Blú was my third necklace on that "productive" day. I called it Positano Blú due to the memories I have from that Italian town. The beads make me think about our very brief visit to Positano. High up in the hills on the Amalfi coast, a very narrow and winding road, and lots of flowers, old houses and lovely boutiques. The sunny day would hit those stones and the pavements, after a drizzle. Wet and shyly sunny it was on that day.

Then, I got a perfume from the Le Sirenuse line from Positano: the Eau d'Italie. It quickly became one of my favourites. And, again, a smell of lemons, wet grass and the sun hitting the stones - like after a day in the beach.

The necklace is thus a mix of the town and the scent. Or at least that's what I had in mind when I put its beads together. Here it is:

For Positano Blú I have used:

- 1 blue Millefiori big Murano bead in blue, white and gold foil, with a lacy texture;
- Gold-plated filigree spacers, smooth gold-plated flat discs, clasp and little balls;
- Swarovski pearls in blue and cream;
- 10 white natural opal beads (that is the "sun in the stones" for me);
- 14 small blue natural turquoise beads;
- Opalite tiny beads with Czech glass seed pearls.

The close-ups:
Here you can see the focal bead in detail, a lovely Millefioriwith blue and white lacy pattern and 24k gold foil, surrounded by filgree gold-plated caps and spacers, and the Swarovski blue pearls.

The above picture shows the fire opals, which clearly make me think of my Eau d'Italie cologne and the sun. If it had a smell, that would be it, lemons, sun and stones in a wonderful Italian village. You can also see the gold-plated spacers and the creamy Swarovski pearls in the middle.

Turquoise beads with black veins, tiny Czech pearl seed beads and opalites. - which are a real pain to work with due to the extremely diminutive size of the holes. I am running out of these already though!

And a final shot of the clasp, tip and tiny balls, all gold-plated. I really like the design of that clasp, it's very sleek in a nice art-nouveau revival way. Easy to use as well, because it's quite big.

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