Monday, November 10, 2008

A red necklace - the Fragola

(PS... I am reposting this entry as to include the necklace name... Andrea, 26th Nov'08)

Another update on my necklace adventures! Here is the last one, that I made on Sunday night... Decide to name it Fragola, which means "Strawberry" in Italian...

Again, I mostly used Murano beads (as least the 3 big ones), gold-plated and bronze little balls, and Czech crystals. Well, 2 Swarovski bicones as well - but they are tiny.

The picture had to be taken with flash, since it was way too dark here last morning - even with all windows open. Gray, rainy Irish weather!

Here is some more views, just in case...

And a little close-up (this time, no flash, but still visible)...

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