Friday, March 06, 2009

The Kazé necklace...

I made another Japanese-inspired necklace tonight. It is called Kazé, or "Wind". I tried to capture the colours of a landscape where the wind blows in the afternoon: air and sand, blue and ochre tones. Maybe an Autumn wind (Aki no Kazé). Maybe simply the wind over the sea.

For Kazé I have used:

- Five dragon veins agate flat, oval beads (one used as the focal bead);
- Several Swarovski bicones in different sizes and shades (Pacific Opal and Silk) and two small Swarovski round beads at the bottom and top of the focal stone;
- Eight small Chinese glass pearls in taupe/beige;
- Several Miyuki Delicas in laminated blue;
- Two large beige dragon vein round beads;
- Several medium round blue dragon veins;
- Several small amazonite beads;
- Antique gold-plated clasp and small stardust spacers.

Some details of Kazé:

The 1st picture shows the focal dragon vein in detail. It has a wonderful pattern to it, like crackled glass, in shades of blue and ochre, a very unusual combination. The round Swarovski bead in Pacific Opal AB and a Silk bicone are also visible here. The 2nd picture shows the leafy clasp, in antique gold.

On the 1st picture we can see a detail of one of the large round dragon veins in beige along with some of the Chinese glass pearls and Swarovski bicones. The 2nd picture shows more details of the flat oval dragon vein beads. Depending on the angle, one will see different colours and patterns. They are all very unique and exquisite. I must add that this necklace is heavier than normal, due to the use of these strong and equally heavy gemstones. They are also quite large, and for that reason I made it longer than usual. I think it would go nicely with a lovely nude or pale blue linen tunic and loose trousers.

Another detail of the leaf clasp, surrounded by medium blue dragon veins interspersed with tiny Miyuki Delicas and some of the small amazonite beads in shades of blue, aqua and grey. The 2nd picture shows a detail of the bottom section of the necklace, where the focal bead is set in a "V" shape made with a loop in the wire. Swarovski bicones and round beads in Pacific Opal AB are also seen here, along with more of the blue dragon veins, stardust bronze spacers, Miyuki Delicas and one large Silk bicone.

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