Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Fragola set...

The original Fragola necklace has become a set these days. A bracelet and pair of earrings have been ordered by its owner. This is the necklace:

And these are the new earring and bracelet that I made to accompany it:

The pictures were, of course taken at different times. The 2nd one is much better, no yellow tinge to it! I have improved the technique lately, it seems, and now I can get the natural light with no problems.

For the earrings and bracelet I used:

- Several red Murano round beads;
- Faceted Czech Fire beads in gold and red and different sizes;
- Vintage glass pearls;
- One vintage cylindrical red glass bead for the bracelet;
- Tiny Czech seed beads in pearly beige/white;
- Small gold-plated spacer beads;
- Gold-plated lobster clasp and leverback earrings (base).

This set is an example of why I do not repeat designs. Mostly because - most of the time - I cannot find the same beads, the same design, the same finishes. I did not have anything similar (and a tad smaller, perhaps) to the big stripy Murano of the necklace. Well, I still do have one more of those beads but it would not be suitable for a bracelet because it is too big and round and, at the same time, too fragile to be worn in the hands. It would look too big and chunky in the wrists, whereas it has a lovely drape when placed over your breast bone. For this reason I used the glass vintage bead instead:

I still had some of the red faceted Czech glass beads and lots of the pearly seed beads, but I am running out of the vintage glass pearls already. Juggling with what I have and trying to find similar things to what I once had, that's all the fun of it!

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