Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Kaede necklace...

Yesterday I made a companion for my Momiji necklace, once again inspired by the colours of nature and, more specifically, Autumn leaves. If Momiji represents the delicate Japanese Maple, Kaede portrays the strong North-American variety, where the leaves have three lobes (instead of five, as it happens with the former).

For this piece I have used:

- One large Chinese carved jasper leaf;
- Several labradorite chips;
- Several mookaite round beads;
- Palace Green Opal AB Swarovski bicones;
- Two oval flat dragon vein beads;
- Twelve flat oval and disc multicoloured Jade beads;
- Two Swarovski large crystal pearls;
- Small labradorite round beads near the clasp;
- Antique bronze Tibetan flower clasp.

Some details of Kaede...

This is the main piece: a large carved jasper leaf, in shades of red/burgundy and khaki/taupe. Its surface is very smooth and highly reflective. It is 5cm long and quite heavy as one might expect.

The 1st picture shows a close-up of one of the lovely mookaites surrounding the leaf, labradorite chips that look really exquisite with their colour changes, one small bicone , part of a Jade oval bead and, at the top, four round small labradorites and a red mookaite. In the centre we can see one of the Swarovski pearls. The other picture shows more of the labradorite chips and Swarovski large pearl. This was my first time working with labradorites. They don't look as pretty at first, until one realises how it changes colour depending on the light. It is really subtle though, and this change can be easily seen in the pictures. Then a little miracle occurs: they suddenly become wonderful. I fell in love really!

On the 1st shot, one of the large flat oval dragon veins bead. The other gems are beautiful multicoloured jade round and oval beads, together with some labradorite chips and Palace Green Opal bicones. The other picture displays the small labradorites and more jade beads.

Some more close-ups of the jade beads and pretty mookaites. The iridescent labradorite chips and some of the Swarovski pearls and bicones can also be seen.

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