Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Momiji necklace...

In Japanese, Momiji is the name for "Maple Tree", and more specifically the Japanese Maple variety (Kaede would be the north-American kind). The name itself, Momiji, derives from momizu, which means to change colour (to red or yellow). The maple tree is known for being the tree that gets the redder and brighter in Autumn, and thus Momiji (the Japanese maple) became representative of that - trees changing colour in the Autumn days. And a symbol for the ever-changing, impermanent nature of things as well.

Momiji is my second necklace inspired by the Autumn leaves. The first one was the Koyo.

Here is the Momiji necklace...

Here is what I used for this piece:

- One carved red jasper leaf focal Chinese pendant;
- Several Swarovski bicones in different shades of Copper, Gold and Silver;
- Two small copper Swarovski butterflies;
- Two medium yellow turquoise round beads with black veins;
- Several mookaite small rondelles and oval beads;
- Four small fire agate beads;
- Eight large and small Swarovski crystal pearls in Copper and Burgundy;
- Several Swarovski silver-plated rondelles with topaz crystals embedded;
- Ten small burgundy faux pearls interspersed with red agate beads;
- Six small yellow jade beads approaching the clasp;
- Copper hook clasp in the shape of a leaf.

Some close-ups...

Detail of the red jasper leaf and some of the Swarovski elements used: two small butterflies between bicones in Comet Argent Light and Rosaline Gold.

The 1st picture shows a detail os the Mookaite rondelles. Mookaite is a kind of Jasper as well, very common in Australia. Texture is very smooth and colours seem to vary from pale yellow to deep burgundy. The 2nd picture shows a detail of one of the yellow Turquoise beads. We can also see the Swarovski silver-plated rondelles in both shots.

Close-up of the red agate small round beads, burgundy small faux pearls and yellow jade beads, and also two of the large Swarovski burgundy and small copper crystal pearls, alternated with some fire agate orange beads. The 2nd picture shows more of the Swarovski bicones and the smooth oval Mookaites in mustard yellow and deep brick red.

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