Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Morocco necklace...

This necklace is a very simple one. I called it Morocco simply because it reminds of something from Morocco - a place where I've never been. It is probably the shape of the focal pendant, like a glass lamp. And the colours. I don't know much about Morocco, except some small bits from the stories that our Moroccan friends used to tell us in Rio, or what the old Rabbi used to recount in some of the Shabat meals at his house. And that was years, years ago.

I have used a large blown glass pendant made by a glass artist in California, Tod Brown. When I saw his stuff in the web I could not resist. They are very pretty and bold, nice vivid colours and sometimes abstract patterns, like a watercolour in glass. For such a big and lovely piece I would not need much more!

Here is Morocco then:

I have used:

- Suede leather cord to string the beads;
- Tod Brown's large focal piece in hand blown glass;
- Seven bronze beads with large holes separated by knots;
- Lobster clasp and cord ends in antique bronze.

I have no close-ups since everything is kept simple and bold. We can virtually see every detail in the picture as is.

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