Sunday, October 11, 2009

Of Flowers and Bees Pt. 1 - Ballina

These pictures were taken in Mark's parents Caravan park, Belleek Park, in Ballina, co. Mayo, just some months ago. Now, I am obsessing with taking pictures of plants. Flowers. Bees (these, whenever possible!). Nature in general. Most of the time (98% of the time, to be precise), I don't even know the name of the flower. Or even if that insect is a bee or a bumblebee or a wasp. But I enjoy it nonetheless, in all my ignorant bliss.

As always, click on thumbnails for detail...

(The above are from the chestnut tree in the Park, so, chestnut flowers!)

(The bright purple one at the left is a pansy for sure!)

(This baby looks like a hydrangea, but may not be one...)


  1. Hi Andrea.

    All of them are so beautiful! Are the pink flowers(top) azaleas? And it's the first time to see chestnut flowers. I didn't know they are red and very pretty. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    O I'm not in Facebook. Are you? I've heard about it but I don't know what it is...I'm hopelessly behind......

  2. Hi Sapphire!

    Yes, yes! I think it's azalea!!! Thanks for that! I also did nor know about chestnut flowers before, and they look gorgeous, although a bit hard to snap because of the wind on that occasion. But the tree was covered by them, super-pretty.

    Yes, I am in Facebook and it's very cool. I mean, mostly because of Superpets because there are lots of silly things too, he he! But I love SuperPets and will post a picture of my new pet (a dragon called Ryu-chan) very soon! I think you will like it!

    Thanks for your visit and a big hug!