Monday, October 12, 2009

Of Flowers and Bees Pt. 3 - Farmleigh (again)

Some more pictures taken on a different date in Farmleigh, Pheonix Park (circa 2 weeks ago)... Click on thumbnails to magnify!

(I don't know which species these are, but they certainly look like anemonae, in a deep blue sea, and not something you would usually expect in a garden!)

(There is a rose garden in Farmleigh, and I love their texture and the spiral formed by the petals, like an ephemeral, colourful mandala)

(Once again, my favourites: bergamots and cute bees. I have included magnifications of the bees on each photograph. You can clearly see their shiny coats and beady eyes)

(This is a different, skniier type of bee, working on a yellow flower whose name I ignore. Not as cute as the bergamot ones...)

(Mark certainly took this picture, for I would be unable to focus here. If you magnify it, you will clearly see the spider webs shining at the sunlight. I think it is very pretty...)


  1. Dear Andrea

    Nice shots and fabulous flowers! Bergamots are really beautiful! The color deep pink is stunning, isn't it?
    I maginified the picture your husband took and wondered if the creature on the weathervane(?)would be a winged dragon. Thistles are pretty too. I like their color purple.

  2. Hi Sapphire!
    Yes, it's a Dragon, very pretty!
    I think they are called Griffin, no? Not sure. But it's a dragon for sure!
    Bergamots are super-pretty, but the bees are so cute! They seem so happy!

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