Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Shizuku necklace...

Shizuku is my 2nd necklace from this week. It was also made from recycled Antica Murrina beads, also from a bracelet, as my previous Wagashi. The original bracelet name was called Kiruna, and included light aqua blue Murano beads, very pretty.

I turned the bracelet into a necklace, as before, and it became Shizuku, name which means droplet, a "drop of water" in Japanese. The association with this element is more than obvious, due to the texture of the main beads, their colour and transparency, making them look like real water drops, or splashes, or even ice. Two different aqua tones are present here: a light aquamarine tint similar to the sea in a sunny morning, and a darker, grayish kyanite shade, similar to the sea in the afternoon, after a rain shower.

Or at least, that's how I feel about it, anyway! The name I firstly decided on was Asatsuyu - meaning "morning dew". Then, I changed it to Shizuku, which sounds prettier and easier, and is more generic as well. In my mind, an Asatsuyu necklace would rather be shorter and with more delicate components, in the end!

For Shizuku, I used:

- Six large Antica Murrina glass beads in different aqua shades and irregular shapes, slightly crackled and smooth. One of them however, is round and has a crispy, sugar-coated finish like the beads used in Wagashi;
- Ten small aqua-gray Murrina beads with a smooth surface;
- Seven small Kyanite beads;
- Two faceted Czech Fire beads in silver-gold approaching the clasp;
- Several stardust silver-plated round beads;
- Several flat silver-plated Heishi spacers for the Murrina large beads;
- Several Swarovski elements such as bicones, cubes, small briolettes, stars and an octagonal pendant, all in complimentary shades of light Azore blue, aquamarine and different Sapphire shades and effects;
- One large silver-plated lobster clasp and ring.

Details are shown next. As usual, please click on thumbnails to magnify...

These three pictures show the Antica Murrina irregular glass beads in dark and light shades of blue (aquamarine and grayish), as well as the small round Murrina ones with a smooth surface. Swarovski bicones and cubes can also be seen, in different shades, sizes and shapes, interspersed with the Murrina beads. The sugar-coated dark sapphire blue Murrina is also visible on the 1st shot...

The 1st thumbnail shows the silver-plated lobster clasp and ring. It is a big clasp, since this necklace is quite heavy. It was threaded on sterling silver wire, thus very resistant to breakage. However, it is always safer to use large clasps in the case of a heavy piece. One of the faceted Czech fire beads is also visible. The 2nd picture displays the only sugar-coated Murrina bead, surrounded by some Swarovski bicones and the flat Heishi spacers, used as bead caps. Finally, the remaining shot shows the upper section of the necklace, with the stardust round balls and some of the kyanite beads and, of course, the main Murrina glass beads once again.

I added these screenshots since we can appreciate how beautifully the light is refracted by the Swarovski elements. Cubes, bicones and an octagonal pendant can be seen throughout, especially on the 3rd shot. As for the Murrina beads, with their smooth irregular surfaces, we can also see how the light appears reflected, making them look like pieces of shiny crushed ice.

And to end this post tonight, some more views of Shizuku. I hope you have enjoyed this one!


  1. Dear Andrea

    WOW! Another beautiful neclace! I'm so amazed! Dark and light shades of blue is exquisitely beautiful! I think
    "Shizuku" is the right name for it! "Asatsuyu" is nice too, though. You are very talented so it may be time to have a website shop or something. If so, I'll be the first customer!! I like aquamarine very much. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Hello Sapphire!!!
    I am so glad you liked it!

    I think the website shop might be a bit complicate, but I would like to!

    Actually I started selling it since I started making them, for people were liking it a lot and someone asked: sell me this one!

    So, I mostly sell by work of "mouth to ear", as they say here. Last time, I sent three necklaces to a lady in the US, via her husband who found the blog (he is a military based in Korea!!!). It was fun!

    I am very glad you are enjoying it! Let's see what I come up with this week! Thank you so, so much!


  3. Welcome on my blog... rencontre de deux * beads'lovers*.His you go on * BĂ©atrice de blog, a little bit feather down, you will see my necklaces.

    Hello from Switzerland.

  4. It's so beautiful collection of gemstone beads! I loved above necklace too much and I really love gemstone and often use necklaces,bracelet and etc. Recently I got a necklace of kyanite beads it was so beautiful as its features. I always look for great design in gemstone jewelries and you mentioned really well regarding above necklace. Thanks for sharing this.

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