Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Late again... And a new necklace (はなび)

Again, I spent too much time without blogging. This is a shame, since it's something I enjoy and feel it's important to me somehow. But I've always been known by the lack of "continuity" in most of the things I do. Unfortunately. I try to change that from time to time, but it is hard and frustrating. Again, and again, I will try it. Maybe one day I will elaborate a bit more about it but, right now, I need to do more and perhaps think a bit less!

Since my last post and today, I made another necklace. Or perhaps I made it before, not sure right now. Somehow, I forgot to post it, I don't know why. I mean, I probably had some lapses of memory during that time, involved as I was with all the colds and flus that never cease to get inflicted on me, ha ha! Seriously though... Lately it's all about colds and flus (and a diet), and my pretty Bella!

I decided to call it Hanabi -はなび。The word means literally, "fireworks" and it was given to the piece because of its colours. Reds and golds and deep night, ultramarine blue, very much like the night sky where fireworks during Summer festivities occur. 

Here's what I used for Hanabi...

- 1 large and quite heavy oblong Murano glass bead in gold foil with speckles of red, green and blue coloured glass and two round ones with the same kind of work;
- 2 medium round Chinese vintage Cloisonnée beads in the same shades and with a flower motif in shades of pale pink;
- Several, several, several Swarovski bicones in different sizes, shades and effects;
- My usual signature stardust antique gold plated small round beads near the clasp;
- Ten antique gold, plated bead caps around the cloisonée and Murano main beads;
- Tibetan gold plated hook clasp.

And here are the pictures...

Some details of the necklace are shown below. On the next two pictures we can see the details of the focal Murano bead. It measures approximately 40mm and showcases a different style of glass work, very similar to molten enamel...

Follow the auxiliary Murano beads, round and smaller, but with the same kind of finishing... Note as well, the Swarovski bicones and the stardust spacers...

In the next screenshots, we can view the cloisonée beads, and hook clasp in more detail. These cloisonée are very pretty, heavy and hard to find nowadays. The contemporary ones are normally quite light and look very hollow indeed, and the artwork is not nearly as detailed. I love the fact that the colours are so delicate and displaying midtones, like a real painting...

As I mentioned before, the Muranos feel quite heavy. However in the overall result, the necklace itself feels very light and looks quite delicate, oddly enough. I might try and take other pictures since these are a bit too dark and the colours don't seem quite right. The final piece is much nicer in real life though!


  1. Dear Andrea

    I'm really really happy to see your beautiful neclace again!! I love the name "Hanabi".
    "Reds and golds and deep night, ultramarine blue, very much like the night sky where fireworks during Summer festivities" What you've said is so true! The Muranos are fabulous as well. Oh they look very expensive!!

    Let's take it easy! Blogging is not your obligation at all so.. I'm always looking forward to your lovely neclaces, though.

  2. Hi Dear! So glad you like my Hanabi... I am trying to blog because I need something to do. My life's been a bit empty lately, since I am not working. So, I feel a bit "useless"... Blogging is a good way to do something, or to start at least, I don't know. I just have to be a bit more productive somehow... :(