Friday, May 21, 2010

The Tudors

Bella with her new scrunchie! These are supposed to go on her neck, but we tried to make her look like a little Tudor lady here!


  1. Bonjour.
    Reading you profile, I understand better why you join my japane's blog.
    Comming from Brazil ti Ireland had been a contrast for you, no ?

    2 beads's lovers met.
    If you go to Beatrice De, go a bit back, you will see more of my necklaces.
    Soon, I will have a site.Best Regard from Switzerland.

  2. Merci Beatrice!
    Yes, Ireland was a bit of a contrast in the beginning! Now, I am settled in but miss Rio SO much!
    That's great! I will have a look at your necklaces, thank you for letting me know. Love Japanese beads too! :)
    Have a great Sunday and talk to you later!