Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Joys of having a dog...

I always say that having Bella has changed my life for better. She is adorable, and a big motivation too. She cheers me up. I must admit lately I haven't been feeling my best, but having her around makes me a happier, less negative person. Anyway, she is our little "baby" now!

Yesterday we were out a lot. She was a bit hyper though. Her main problem is that she still pulls quite a bit, even with her Lupi harness - which used to be quite good when we started using it.

Latest trick she learnt is called "Find the Bickie". I carry a bag of dog treats with me. When I feel she is getting hyper, I make her sit. Then I grab one bickie and hide it in one of my hands while she is sitting down, observing (and drooling). I cross my hands in front of me and say: " Bella, where is the bickie?" She comes, sniffs my hands and then uses her paw to touch the hand where the bickie is hiding. She never misses of course, since her sense of smell is amazing, but... The beauty of it is that, before, she used to do the same but using her nose, pushing the hand where the bickie was. Now, without me teaching, she decided to use her paw. Well, may seems a bit silly for anyone else alright, but I see it as a progress in her training and that makes me really happy. And she looks lovely when she does that!

Bella and her Pappy


  1. Andrea

    I'm so glad to hear that Bella makes you happy! In my parents' house long ago when I was a kid, there were four dogs. I remember them very well and your Bella looks like one of them. She was called Mami. She was very smart! The sepia photo is great too!!

  2. Hello Dear Sapphire!
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment! :)
    Mami, sucha cute name for a lovely dog! It's probably the same kind of dog, they are indeed very smart. I lik the sepia photo, she looks so relaxed! And she moves all the time, so, it's very "Bella"! Hope everything is wonderful there in beautiful Japan, and hope you are "recovering" from the Golden Week! :D
    Talk to you later!