Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baby Bella and the Waves

Here is Bella today, in Mullingar, looking at the lake. She was on her way down to Ballina with Pappy Mark. He sent this to me via mobile and said: "Bella is fascinated by the waves, but also nervous, not trying to jump in the water, not that I would let her anyway!"


  1. Waves must seem strange for a young dog! How pretty she is! I love her without having seen her ;O)

  2. Hi Aputsiaq! You would LOVE her in person. She is such a loyal, funny little pup, everybody falls in love with her! She thinks it is strange all the waves, we think. Mark wants to buy her a little paddle pool, so she can have fun during summer and swim a bit. I am not sure shw ould love it though, since she is not very fond of baths! Let's see! Will keep you posted! Have a wonderful Sunday, Dear!