Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brown Thomas Christmas Decorations!

We left Bella home today to take some pictures of the Brown Thomas windows. This year the theme is Celtic Mythology. A super-modern take on Celtic Mythology, I should add. I thought it was just brilliant and, for the 1st time in my life, I wish I were a windows designer! Beautiful. All Pradas, D&G, Armanis and so on mixing up with the mythological characters. Very well done, and super-creative. I particularly like the boho atmosphere in all the clothes, as well as the earthy, autumnal colours.

We did not use flash on the pictures. Some of them were taken before Sunset, and the others after Sunset. The ones were the reflections on the windows are more evident were taken before Sunset (3h15pm more or less). Please click on the pictures for the maximised version. Enjoy!

The pictures above show a "generic" view, from a certain distance and before Sunset. Below, some more detailed shots...


Some more shots to follow. These were taken after Sunset... I must say my favourites here are the fluffy feather hairbands and also the sequined top in bronze/gold that one of the mannequins is wearing...



The next pictures show the top I mentioned before and the lovely feathery hairband. I would definitely wear them...


  1. Amaaaaaaaaaazing! I'm so glad you shared this, Andrea!! Thanks!!!

  2. WOW!! Incredibly executed, what a statement! Congratulations.

  3. Christmas decorations are very beautiful! And you watched Death Note? Great!