Saturday, October 28, 2006

My Kitties

Last week, Mark and I were involved with my Hello Kitty mascots and netsuke organisation. I came up with different categories depending on their theme, and Mark helped me to count them.

It took some time, since I have a lot. Accounted for so far: 691, spread on 46 categories, such as:

- Kabuki;
- Food and Desserts;
- Pretty Ladies in Kimono;
- Fuji Sama;
- Tokyo Tower;
- Okinawa;
- Nagoya;
- Matsuri (Festivals);
- Summer;
- Autumn;
- Mammals;
- Flowers;
- Seafood & Fish;
- Charmmy Kitty;
- Gothic Lolita;
- Kapa, Tanuki & Kitsune etc etc...

Of course, I made a spreadsheet so I can keep control of how many I have in each category.

I also found out that, if I like a Kitty very much, I tend to buy more than one, eg, the Dumpling Kitty (dressed up as a gyoza), the MoƩ Kitty (carrying a bunny on her back) and so on... I already gave away lots of duplicates. My Mother loves them too, and we use it on our purses and mobile phones, of course. Even Mark once used a Samurai Kitty on the zipper of his coat! Now, I could sell them maybe on EBay? I think my friends and Mom are already tired of getting Kitties as little presents!

It may look childish, but their design is very good, they are very creative, and are fun to "play" with. I read that in Japan, women of my age tend to be the biggest collectors of Kitty memorabilia, since they are already stable and can afford this kind of stuff. I believe that.

On the left, you can see another favorite of mine, the Hydrangea Kitty...


  1. These are charming! I don't think I'm familiar with the netsukes, although I buy the themed charms every so often.

  2. They are super-kawaii indeed! But... I need to stop getting them... I am too old for that!
    I am now in love with the Gothic Lolita series - reminds me of my younger days, tee-hee!
    The netsuke are cute, but not as handy to display, since they are not boxed. It's just the strap and a plastic little pouch, so, not as easy as the little boxes. Also, for display purposes the boxes are prettier, because they have a colourful background and look more va-va-voom.
    My Mom prefers to use the mascots in her bags because they have no bells, so, it's a bit better to walk around with - she says! But personally, I don't mind ringing the bells every so often, really!