Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sometimes a lipstick is just a lipstick...

In November's Voce, I got a Shu Uemura booklet with their new lipstick: Rouge Unlimited. As usual, the super-cool minimalist packaging so characteristic of the Shu Uemura line. I love the simple shapes and astonishing colors - and the quality of course. Their eyeshadows and lippies are the best!

Here it is, for your sheer delight...


  1. Pretty! Hey, how long does it take you to use up a tube of lipstick? I'm wondering if mine will go bad before I can use them up.

  2. Hi Dear Kuri!

    How long it takes to use a lippie? Ages... Again, I think my lippies will survive me, ha ha! I have like 12 or 14. And I don't see any of them wearing out much, which means I should probably stop buying it. My faves are indeed the Lolishines and also the Maquillage one.

    I read somewhere we can buy an eyeshadow palette (eg, MAC) and "decant" them onto it if they are getting old. I remember something about warming them and dripping it onto the slots. They become creamier and softer. Sounds like a good idea, then you could use them as glosses. I wonder.

    I think they start to go bad when the smell becomes rancid and the texture harder and almost breakable.

    Nowadays, their texture is so good that it's hard to imagine them going bad, I don't know...

    Will check your other comment!

    Talk to you soon!


  3. Haha, 12 or 14 doesn't seem too bad. I'm at 6, but want more :) I will have to try out Maquillage then. I seem to get bored of my lipsticks pretty quickly, so I'm afraid of the investment that an entire lipstick tube means. But they're easy to wear.

  4. Yes, I know. 12 or 14 is not much, the only problem is that I am too lazy to use lippies. I cannot go out without eyeshadow, but lipstick is not that essential to me.
    My Mum uses it a lot though! I am always amazed because she can actually finish entrire tubes (I cannot!)
    I tend to like nudes and beiges and pinks. Cannot use reds or very bright colors, since my lips are thin and it doesn't look good!

  5. Hee, I guess if you don't use them you're probaby right. I'm the reverse. If I wear any makeup, lipgloss/lipstick is the easiest to put on. Next is eyeliner :D I have never finished a tube of lipstick before it went bad, so I'm amazed at your mother. Nudes are so pretty! I want a nude lipstick... I need to get rid of some lipstick first :P