Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Amé necklace...

Amé means "rain" in Japanese. Although this necklace has no Japanese beads whatsoever, the beads I used (Czech fioratto beads, Swarovski pearls and bicones, Czech gold-foiled seed beads) all have a wet, watery feel to them. It is like a string made of water drops. Mark thought so, and I agree. After thinking about it as a rose water necklace, I could not but hear Mark's arguments about it: "it's rain, Andrea, rain".

It is indeed a "wet" piece. Amé, for my love of Japanese things and language.

For the Amé I have used:

- 3 Czech Fioratto transparent beads with gold foil;
- 2 small Czech Fire teardrops in Rosaline AB;
- Several tiny clear gold-foiled seed beads;
- Swarovski bicones in different shades of rose and 2 "dorado" ones near the clasp;
- Antique gold spacers and clasp;
- Swarovski pearls in cream rose;
- 2 pink jade round beads.

Some close-ups:

In the picture at the left-hand side, you can see one of the pink jade beads used, the tiny gold-foiled seed beads and one of the Rosaline drops. The other picture shows one of the main Czech fioratto beads, with the gold foil giving it a "wet" appearance, along with some of the bicones and, again, the seed beads.

Detail of some of the Rose AB bicones, and antique gold spacers. Also, the clasp used. Since Amé is much shorter than usual, I have added a gold-plated extension chain so it can be worn longer if desired.

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  1. Hi Andrea.

    This neclace is exactly the one that means "紫雨 purple/violet rain". What a coincidence! Recently I've tried to make a Haiku. Its theme is the gentle rain falling on hydrangeas in the late afternoon. I'm trying to use "murasaki no ame" because I'd think misty atmoshere, blue flowers and dim golden light make the rain purple.

    Really a lovely neclace!! A chain of purple rain droplets shining!!

    By the way, at last I tasted Matcha diet coke! Today I bought it. It's really nice besides it's non calories.
    Thank you, Andrea. I appreciate it.

    May I ask you a favor? In July I'm thinking of writing about Tanabata. May I have a link to your Tanabata necklace?