Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Azzurra necklace...

This is the necklace I have finished today. Decided to call it Azzurra (Blue) due to the use of quite a number of blue beads - 3 focal Murano wedding cakes, blue jade, crazy lace agate, dragon veins (another kind of agate), turquoise Swarovski crystals and so on.

It is a blue, South Italian theme, the Grotta Azzurra in Capri, those amazing seas once again. It seems I am quite obsessed with them, no?

Here it is...

I have used here:

- 6 Dragon Vein agate rondelles;
- 3 wedding cakes with gold foil, pink roses and forget-me-nots;
- Swarovski Turquoise AB (Aurora Borealis) bicones in two different sizes;
- Blue jade beads;
- Blue crazy lace agate beads;
- Fluted Czech crystals beads;
- Crystal faux pearls in white;
- Small gold-plated balls;
- Gold crimps between the Czech beads;
- Antique gold spacers and clasp.

Some close-ups:

Impossible not to fall in love with dragon veins. Its texture is so amazing and colours so diverse. Here you can see them in the 1st and 3rd pictures. The crazy lace agate appears on the 2nd picture, along with some lovely blue jade beads. The blue jade is, among the 3 stones, the one with more uniform texture and colour.

Detail of the Czech fluted beads, gold crimps in-between, spacers, blue jade beads and one small turquoise bicone. I have used stainless steel gold wire, that can be seen through the Czech beads.

Detail of the wedding cake/fioratto beads. These are vintage, but in perfect state, no wear at all in the gold foil. Swarovski turquoise bicones are separating the bads, and I used some antique gold bead caps for extra protection here...

To finalise for today, a detail of the antique gold clasp. You can also see the loop I made with the wire to attach the clasp. It is the 1st time I use this method: leaving the crimp and wire apparent instead of using a tip to cover it. I quite like the result: it looks lighter and somehow cleaner too - as far as the colour of the wire does not clash with the spacers and clasp, that is.

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