Monday, December 08, 2008

The Ravello necklace...

Still on the (recunrrent) theme of the Amalfi coast, and inspired by the lovely Murano beads, I made another necklace today: the Ravello.

Ravello was one of my favourite spot during our trip to Amalfi: a beautiful town up in the mountains, with wonderful gardens, music in the streets and the best of two wolrds - sea and mountains. Its gardens smell beautiful too, and that's probably why I have selected some beads in shades of green, aqua and teal, just to capture a bit of the sea, trees and sky hues.

For Ravello, I used:

- 3 aqua fioratto beads with gold foil;
- Swarovski bicones in green (erinite, I think, is the shade);
- Swarovski pearls in powder green;
- 2 big green Dragon Veins agate rondelles;
- Small jade beads, round and oval in three different green shades;
- Several small green aventurine neads interspaced with gold crimps as we approach the clasp;
- The usual gold-plated balls around the clasp;
- Two pretty oval aqua crackled Czech glass beads, that look a bit like crystallised sugar;
- Antique gold tulip and daisy bead caps.

Here are some close-ups:

Three pretty Murano fioratto beads in shades of green/aqua. You can also see the antique gold tulips and clasp, the Swarovski crystals and the aventurine beads.

In the 1st picture, a detail of the Czech "sugar" beads, the powder green Swarovski pearls, the erinite Swarovski bicones and some small milky green jade beads.
Iin the 2nd one, a close-up of the dragon vein rondelles, milky green opaque jade beads and powder green Swarovski pearl. And, on the 3rd picture, one of the small fioratto aqua beads with a daisy filigree gold cap and Swarovski bicone.



  2. Hi Alice! Thank you for the lovely comment! :) Where are you,in Italy by any chance? :D
    Let me know!